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If your business is domiciled elsewhere, and you are considering establishing your business in Denmark, we would be delighted to assist you during the whole process of setting up in Denmark, right from the time you begin to weigh up possible strategies. We can assist not just with the legal issues but also with the possible business and cultural challenges.

·         Are you going to deal with everything from your home country – and are you going to employ a salesperson or are you going to work with an agent or a distributor?

·         Or are you going to establish a branch or an independent company in Denmark? Enter into a joint venture? Or perhaps buy an existing business in Denmark?

·         Which type of corporate entity should you choose?

·         Whereabouts in Denmark should you choose to establish your business? The place that looks great on the face of it whilst you are considering the question from your home country, may not be the best option after all.

·         Are you going to employ workers from your home country or are you going to employ Danish workers? Which employment law issues should you be aware of?

·         What are the other challenges? What are your personal liabilities, if any? What are the tax and customs implications of your plans? And what about the inevitable red tape you are bound to encounter along the way?

Once you are successfully established in the Danish market, we will be delighted to assist you with your everyday legal issues.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs on establishing a Business in Denmark