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Doing business across borders requires careful planning. Whether your business is looking to sell goods or services, to buy goods or services, to outsource production, or to enter into licensing agreements there are always many issues to be considered, challenges to be addressed and multiple pieces that need to fall into place to achieve success.

The legal issues involved in taking your business across borders will need careful consideration. There are often multiple areas of concern, both legally and culturally, that will need clarification before commercial decisions can be made.

Our lawyers have many years’ experience advising clients in relation to the manifold challenges involved in doing international business.

We can advise you in relation to:

  • risk management
  • protecting your intellectual property
  • competition law issues
  • data protection regulations and compliance
  • anti-bribery and anti-corruption regulations and compliance
  • e-commerce and distance selling regulations
  • consumer protection
  • cross border employment law issues
  • immigration issues
  • import & export licences and duties
  • incorporation of acceptance test procedures and quality control assurance in contracts
  • product liability issues
  • appropriate payment and delivery terms
  • penalties/liquidated damages clauses
  • choice of law and venue for dispute resolution

We have a large network of lawyers who are our preferred partners in other countries. This network means that we can assist you to find excellent advice and representation from a trusted local lawyer when necessary.