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How can Danish businesses prepare for Brexit?

That question would be a lot easier to answer if there was more certainty as to the terms on which Brexit is going to be achieved going forward. The effects of Brexit are going to be far reaching for businesses in Denmark whichever model for the British exit from the EU is finally agreed on, and if you haven’t already begun to prepare, now is the time to start.

An excellent place to start your preparation is the Brexit checklist published by Dansk Erhverv. The checklist contains an overview of the business areas it is necessary to examine in order to get an overview of the likely effects of Brexit on business processes and the bottom line: https://www.danskerhverv.dk/er-du-klar-til-brexit/

UNIVERSADVOKATER’s Ruth Caddock Hansen can assist with many areas of the risk-checking process - from an examination of your existing contracts, Brexit-proofing new contracts, assisting with new certifications and registrations of certain products and intellectual property to advice as to the possible effects on your workforce.